In most cases ordering a new module from a dealership is very expensive and time-consuming process. To save money and time you may want to purchase a used module and we will program and code it for you.

We Provide

Restoring Data From Damaged Modules
Restoring data from damaged modules
In case your car as well as control modules are damaged by flooding , we can help to restore all data from internal memory by connecting directly to processors and memory chips. We can also help to restore working condition of control modules after unsuccessful repairs done by other shops using other clone tool

Common ABS Issues We Can Repair:

Sudden ABS power loss

Faulty wheel sensor codes


  • Missing signals from wheel speed sensor

  • ABS relay codes

  • ABS pump is continually running

  • No communication with scan tool

  • Wheel speed sensor codes

  • Other ABS/EBCM control module issues


IMMO OFF Procedures

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